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Our First Shopping Day

Scarlet Beebalm (Monarda didyma)

Shopping Day!

So I am going to Edge Of The Woods native nursery this Friday to purchase the very first plants for the Laughing Earth Native Flower Project. Here are a few of the species I plan to buy:

Name / Benefits

Eastern Red Cedar / Host of the Olive butterfly

New York Iron Weed / Host of the American Painted Lady, Painted Lady

Boneset / Late flowers provide an important nectar source

Swamp Rose /  Nectar source, important for birds

Carex PA Oak Sedge / Skipper Host

Viburnums Dentatum, or Arrowwood / Host to the Baltimore Checkerspot

Maple Leaf Viburnums / Nectar, important for birds

Viburnums Nudum / Nectar, important for birds

I will take photos about the experience and expand this post soon. 🙂


Follow us on this journey and learn about native gardening along the way…

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