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The Meadows

Record rainfall and intense pressure from invasive species didn’t stop this dream from happening. We are grateful and thrilled with this gift, and determined to create more valuable habitat for pollinators.

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Memorial Meadow

The Memorial Meadow

Located in an area just above the pond, where the sparkle of water mingles with blooms of the meadow, this meadow is named for all the people we have lost and hope to see again. Our beloved brother Benjamin John Dziuba and uncle Dr. Richard Benner were lost to our family the very year this meadow was begun, and its mix of native flowers and grasses, provides valuable habitat for butterflies, bees, birds, amphibians, reptiles as they search for food sources and nesting sites. The buzz of life and explosion of beauty is something they would have enjoyed. Walk here yourself to remember, and gain some peace, for that is our purpose.


Hazel’s Meadow

Hazel’s Meadow

This easily accessible meadow is located by the entrance of the first blueberry field. It is named: Hazel’s Meadow – The Richard Adams Memorial Meadow in honor of Richard Adams, who wrote Watership Down, widely seen as one of the greatest novels of all time. Richard Adams was a champion of wildlife and the habitat it needs to survive. Mr. Adam’s talent and noble nature are reflected in his novel’s hero – Hazel. We hope to inspire visitors who may have missed this masterpiece of literature to experience this thrilling tale that champions the natural world.

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The Water’s Edge

The edges of the pond are maintained with the purpose of wildlife habitat. The blooms, reeds, and sweet flag are sometimes planted – sometimes just a surprise! They host an entirely different cast including: insects, spiders, dragonflies, damselflies, and amphibians.

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