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L.E Season Full Bouquet Subscription

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Touch the heart of someone you love.... 

The L.E Season Full Bouquet Subscription celebrates each season with an armfuls of fresh blooms.

With our full subscription she will feel like she has been showered with flowers all year!

What's Included

Our Full Subscription consists of six large bouquets of lush, fresh-cut, locally grown florals - two in the Spring, two for Summer and another two in the Fall.

Bright & fresh spring blooms. Summer bouquets swirl with fragrant fillers and glowing color. Fall is all about our mind-blowing dahlias...

A luxurious and hard-to-find gift to connect with someone you love.


(Default Upgrade for Event) Market Arrangement with Letterpress Certificate for pickup on on May 9 at Northern Light, Scranton PA. Flowers now... flowers all season... +Included in default purchase

Summer Sunflower Bunch - Bring on the suns! Your summer bouquet arrives with an extra bunch of beautiful sunflowers... suns in every room... suns to share with friends... A gorgeous long-lasting sunflower bonus! +32


Bouquets will be dropped off at the pickup location of your choice. You will be notified a week before your bouquet delivery, then again the day before delivery. Please register in our site to receive the best communication. 

Tunkhannock Pickup: 

PreHempt CBD Boutique 

18 East Tioga Street 

Tunkhannock PA



Waverly Pickup:

Waverly Deli

705 Chilson Street

Waverly PA 




Jennifer's Promise

My promise is to connect you to the world of locally grown florals - an entirely different product than imported flowers - fresh cut, sustainably grown, and swirling with delicate herbal frangrance - truly 'bury-your-face' florals.

Locally grown florals are popular - and supplies are limited. Bouquet subscriptions are a great way to reserve a portion of the crop just for yourself.